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Transoft AutoTURN 9
Price: $219.95 Available: 50+

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The swept path analysis software trusted most by government agencies, top engineering consultants, and transportation design professionals worldwide
AutoTURN® is the vehicle swept path analysis software of choice for transportation engineers, architects, and planners worldwide. Trusted in over 120 countries and available in 7 languages, AutoTURN is used to confidently analyze road and site design projects including intersections, roundabouts, bus terminals, loading bays, parking lots or any on/off-street assignments involving vehicle access checks, clearances, and swept path maneuvers.

AutoTURN has been developed by transportation professionals for transportation professionals and is backed by rigorous engineering diligence and regular field tests. Why is AutoTURN referenced by leading transportation agencies such as AASHTO, FHWA, and leading Departments of Transportation? Because only AutoTURN gives designers the confidence and peace of mind they need to meet stakeholders’ demands for safety, accessibility, and social, economic and environmental impact.

Manually adjust the path offsets by dragging and moving grip points with graphical display of the radius

Modify end nodes for different positioning and sweep angle for Corner and Oversteer Path

Load points for vehicles can be set and either tracked separately or by the shape of the load's swept envelope

Place "adaptive" vehicle simulations on either centered or offset left/right with a smooth transitions option on user-drawn paths made from lines, arcs, polylines, complex chains and even AutoCAD® Civil 3D® alignments

Use the Regenerate Simulation feature on existing simulations to account for conflicts that occur after path obstacles have been added, removed, or modified

Perform three-part vehicle reverse simulation maneuvers to any vector

Ability to continue generating new independent vehicle paths from one main path

Perform reverse cornering with reverse sweep angle ranges of 1° to 160°

Ability to add in realistic vehicle plan views for simulation creation and animations

Generate swept path envelopes from vehicle shapes with chamfered corners or filleted radii

Create conical lines of sight to evaluate mirror views, blind spots or headlight paths

Place, remove, or recall vehicles, active simulations, and active pathways

Add and analyze vehicle loads and clearances

Evaluate a vehicle simulation on a vertical profile accounting for tracking points, clearances and overhead ceiling line or obstacles

Preview a vehicle's next left/right turn based on minimum turning radius and current speed

Perform Horizontal Sightline analysis based on a polyline, interval and the user specified sight line distance

Check Vertical Sightlines using driver eye height, object height, interval and sight line distances

Conflict analysis feature provides real-time feedback on vehicle path obstructions

Display vehicle conflict points in another layer which can be toggled on and off

SmartPath tools uses four interactive drive modes for performing vehicle forward, reverse, and oversteering turn simulations through mouse movements

SmartPath tools integrate the use of engineering algorithms to account for vehicle speed, superelevation, lateral friction, and turn radii

Generate Arc Path – create turn simulations (i.e. through roundabouts) by dragging the mouse and clicking from point to point

Generate Corner Path – produce simulations using an entrance, arc, and exit tangent and use the mouse to lengthen or shorten the tangent

Generate Oversteer Corner – selecting the desired sweep angle with a mouse click will instantly display whether a turn simulation is viable

Steer A Path – create simulations using the mouse by dragging the vehicle in any direction within the drawing

20 additional special transport vehicle types added including wind blade and tower trailers, beam transporters and heavy haulers

Ability to specify steering linkages allowing for greater customization of special transport vehicles to manufacturer standards

Create and simulate vehicles with independent rear steering systems (including crab steering for supported vehicle types)

Create and simulate vehicles with telescoping trailers to represent logging trucks

Specialized vehicle types include: Wind Tower Trailer; Wind Blade Trailer; Beam Transporter I and II; Booster Trailer; 19-axel Heavy Hauler

Draw cargo for a simulation and combine the cargo envelope with the vehicle body envelope

Define cargo size and set limiting factors for vehicle configuration to operate within industry parameters to prevent damage to the payload or surrounding environment

Ability to place one wheel on an axle for specialized vehicle creation (e.g. steam rollers)

Specify the tire sizing (width and diameter) and space between tires on the same axle

Create, modify, and add user-defined vehicles or vehicle types

Ability to specify the articulation angle per part for multi-part vehicles

Choose track width for axle groups independently within a given part (front and back)

Control simulation playback (play, pause, scrub) through the Run Animation Dialog Box

Manage vehicle animations for use with Transoft Solutions’ presentation software, InVision, to create multiple sequencing of vehicle movements that can be saved to AVI videos for client presentations and proposals

Generate hatched areas defined by the vehicle body envelopes or clearance envelopes

Vehicle simulation animations can be looped repeatedly for dynamic presentations

Insert vehicle profiles including dimensions within the drawing file

Full motion, drag & drop, and stop frame animation options

Speed Profile Report – Generate report of vehicle speed based on the scanned geometry with elements including Vmax and Vmin, Acceleration/Deceleration and lateral friction per report

View override/path angle information for independently rear steering vehicles

View graph report of a multi-part vehicle’s articulation angles when generating or placing a simulation

View vehicle steering angle graphs and simulation summary data such as speed, path length, and vehicle type

Reports are customizable - affect display color, line types, and formatting

Summary reports include orientation and simulation type (arc, corner)

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