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AutoCAD Electrical 2022
Price: $949.95 Available: 50+

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AutoCAD Electrical 2022 is a toolkit for designers and constructors of electrical products of any complexity from the lighting panel to complex process control systems.

This solution automates the tasks of circuit design, design of electrical control systems, layout of electrical panels and release of project documentation.

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Features of AutoCAD Electrical

  • Circuit design. This software speeds up the process of creating electrical, single-line, pneumatic, hydraulic, circuit diagrams, and instrumentation diagrams with libraries of standard components and functions for automating common tasks.

  • Automatic wire numbering and tagging. All wires and components can be automatically assigned numbers and tags (sequential or based on links).

  • Circuit design and reuse. Now the generation of electrical circuits is dynamic, using catalog data, connections, components and ratings. Circuit Builder provides all the information you need to make the best and most energy efficient and environmentally friendly decisions.

  • Libraries of graphic images for electrical circuits. This software has several 100 000 standard electrical symbols. A simple menu-driven device insertion system allows you to quickly create standard-based electrical control designs, including pneumatic and hydraulic designs.

  • Real time check. AutoCAD Electrical toolset constantly checks changes made to make sure that the design as a whole is consistent and alerts users of potential errors.

  • Layout of electrical panels. The AutoCAD Electrical gives you additional capabilities for fast and error-free electrical panel assembly.

  • Intelligent drawings of the assembly of mounting panels. The list of components for placement on the layout drawings of the mounting panels is extracted from the schematic diagram. To automatically create a connection between the device and its location, you can specify outlines for each inserted device and select a panel location.

  • Design of terminal connections. Save time and improve the quality of your projects by editing terminals and jumpers, and adding replacement terminals.

  • Export and import of terminal blocks. Terminal connection data is exported to an XML file for further import into Wago ProServe or Phoenix Contact.

  • Design of electrical control systems. This software version provides you with additional features for designing electrical control systems.

  • Connect the coil and its contacts in real time. AutoCAD Electrical reduces the risk of relaying too many contacts and minimizes the time spent tracking their connections manually.

  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs). By specifying the I / O destination of the project as a spreadsheet, you can create a complete set of PLC I / O drawings.

  • Standards-based libraries. The AutoCAD Electrical toolkit includes component libraries provided by leading industry vendors. In addition, components can be selected from a large library of pneumatic, hydraulic devices and schemes of pipelines and instrumentation. When inserting components into the circuit, the catalog information assigned to them is also added.

  • Issuance of project documentation. The AutoCAD Electrical toolkit provides you with additional features that allow you to quickly complete documentation and reduce the number of errors and inconsistencies in electrical projects.

  • Automatic reporting. The reporting process is simple and easy to customize to suit your needs. With just one command, you can get multiple reports at once.

  • Project management. A project in AutoCAD Electrical is a set of interconnected drawings of electrical equipment. Project Manager provides work with projects and drawings included in the project. In projects, you can create folders (including subfolders) and put DWG files in them. It is possible to organize projects in any convenient way.

  • Collaboration with the client and the supplier. You can easily share data with customers and suppliers in the familiar DWG file format. Wiring diagrams can be viewed and edited with any DWG-compliant program. When editing diagrams by third-party organizations in AutoCAD Electrical, you can generate a report of changes made to drawings by other users.

  • Publication in PDF. Documentation of schematics and projects in the format of multi-page PDF files with hyperlinks is supported. Cross-links and device navigation are available in smart hyperlinks. Bookmarks reflect the structure of the project. It is also possible to search in the text of the drawing and attributes.

  • Integration with Autodesk Inventor.

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