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AutoCAD LT 2023
Price: $439.95 Available: 50+

Current version supports:


Windows Mac


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Use AutoCAD LT 2023 to embody your design concepts and produce precise 2D technical drawings that are simple to modify, reuse, and share with others! Purchase, download, and install the Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2023 edition at the best price and use improved DWG comparison, updated commands, cloud-based data work mode, and more!

What is Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2023?

A computer-assisted design program called AutoCAD LT is employed for accurate 2D drawing, design, and documentation. It has tools for automating processes and boosting efficiency, including tools for drawing comparisons, counting, adding items, and producing tables.

Key features include:

  • Count. This AutoCAD LT feature automatically counts blocks/objects in a specific region or over your whole drawing, including a menu to spot problems and browse through your counted items.

  • Floating Windows. When using AutoCAD LT 2023, you can separate drawing windows to display them next to each other or across several displays.

  • Trace. Add notes and markups on design changes from the desktop edition of AutoCAD LT as well as from the internet and mobile versions without altering your current drawing.

  • Sheet Set Manager. More quickly than before, open sheet sets. Sending and receiving sheet sets to and from peers via the Autodesk cloud platform is quicker and safer.

What’s New in Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2023?

Find out more about the new features in this 2023 AutoCAD LT edition!

Sheet Set Manager for Web

Be it the AutoCAD desktop or online program, this release's Sheet Set Manager for Web gives you quick access to creating a sheet set in Autodesk Docs.


Building on the Trace feature's first release, you may now create traces on your desktop and add to traces already produced by others. With commands TRACEEDIT and TRACEVIEW, it’s possible to switch the active trace into the Edit mode to add to the trace and turn the active trace into the View regime to alter the parent drawing, respectively.

2D Graphics

Improved zoom and pan capabilities have been added for 2D Wireframe drawings with many TrueType letters, protracted polylines, or solid hatches. The GPU memory consumption is improved while opening several drawings in DirectX 12 mode. Support for DirectX 9 has been dropped.


Users may now keep track of how frequently an object or a specific amount of blocks occur in a given area.

The list of new commands consists of:

  • COUNTAREA: Define the area where instances of a block or object are to be counted.

  • COUNTAREACLOSE: Use the command to close the count selection box.

  • SELECTCOUNT: Add to the selection set all items in the current count that match the characteristics of the selected objects.

Drawing & Layout Windows

To make it easier to notice which drawing or layout is now active, the drawing and layout tabs have been changed. The modifications also make it easier to identify which drawing is active on the overflow menu for the drawing tab.

Polyline Extend

The vertex between the end and the prior vertex might be added using the existing Add Vertex option. It depends on the polyline's drawing direction. Now, no matter which way the polyline is drawn, the vertex is always extended from the selected end grip when using the new Extend Vertex grip function.


The new command copies marked elements together with a specified base point to the Clipboard after removing them from the drawing in question.


You may now use the MLEADER command to choose an existing mtext object to act as the new leader.

Floating Drawing Windows

The enhancements are as follows:

  • There is always a floating command prompt.

  • An anchored command window has been added to the active drawing window.

  • It is possible to pin a drawing window to a certain location. A pinned drawing window keeps the main AutoCAD software window open.

  • The active drawing window takes precedence when drawing windows overlap.

Additional improvements include:

  • Insert Block. When the supplied block name already exists in the design, the Block Redefine dialog box allows you to rename it.

  • ARCTEXT. You may use the ARCTEXT command to produce an arcalignedtext object that follows the curvature of a chosen arc.

  • The object selection is now preserved when you leave isolation mode.

  • A new task dialog that asks you to save or reject the changes you've made displays when you attempt to close or dismiss the Options dialog box.

  • Customer Error Reporting. When an error report is made, your email address is now entered automatically.

  • A tooltip with the drawing template file name that will be utilized shows when your cursor is over the New drop-down on the Start tab.

  • When publishing a multi-sheet PDF file utilizing background publishing, the publication option "Include Hyperlinks" is now accessible.

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