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Revit LT 2019
Price: $369.95 Available: 50+

Current version supports:




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Buy OEM Revit LT 2019 Online

What is Revit LT?

It is a "light" version of the Autodesk Revit CAD for architects. It is cheaper, has less functionality but is easier to learn. Compared to the standard Revit program, the Autodesk Revit LT suite has fewer analysis tools, lacks the worksharing capacity of Revit 2019. It also does not use as much Autodesk rendering routines, being more of a 2D suite. However, despite the lack of standard Revit rendering, Revit LT is a fully functional architectural program. It is recommended for smaller firms that do not have a need of workshare capabilities, for example, a company with just one architecture specialist could benefit from Revit LT, while a larger company with a staff of architects is better off using Revit. Autodesk recommends this approach.

The ProCADeng software store, specializing in CAD software, offers great bargains for this software suite. Being already inexpensive, Revit LT can become yours for a very low price; our discounts can go as high as 75%.

Let us conduct a brief review of the differences between Revit LT and the classic Revit.

  • Architectural 3D modelling: the work of an ordinary architect is covered well by Revit LT capabilities, but the creation of parts and assemblies is limited.

  • Constructive modelling: there are enough tools for modelling the basic elements of the building framework. However, Revit LT cannot calculate loads or communicate with external programs to calculate loads.

  • Advanced 3D modelling: LT does not have this feature. The creation of conceptual shaping and adaptive components is not the business of every designer and not for every day. They can be created by someone in the full Revit version and transferred to other participants in the workgroup.

  • Presentation and visualization: in any project group, the main model is visualized separately, so there is no such functionality. In addition, Revit LT has a cloud visualization feature. If you need to use visualization, you can apply this method.

  • Documentation: here all the functionality is no different from full Revit, so Revit LT can completely replace the main Revit for documentation writers.

  • Link to other Revit files: functionality is present. If absolutely necessary, you can subject the file to the full version, and then return to Revit LT.

  • Import and export: the basic functionality is available in the LT version.

The Autodesk company offers various subscriptions and licenses for Revit LT. The old classic license for permanent use of the software you bought can still be purchased, however, this option is not really advertised any more, and you will need to look for it hard on the company website. Autodesk is now making money on yearly subscriptions in which you have to pay for periods of using Revit LT. Note that whatever option you choose, you will still need to periodically pay, unless you want to forgo upgrades. You may wish to stick to one version that works well for your organization or business and never care for periodical payments.

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Harley – Styx, NZ

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