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AutoCAD LT 2022
Price: $429.95 Available: 50+

Current version supports:


Windows Mac


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You can purchase AutoCAD LT 2022 at a great discount right now to create new drawings, import drawings from other CAD systems, and share them to collaborate with colleagues. With TrustedDWG technology, you can conveniently share documentation.

AutoCAD LT 2022 is a computer-aided design system designed specifically for creating drawings, available for both Mac and Windows computers. This provides software a set of tools for creating high-precision 2D drawings.

What's new in AutoCAD LT 2022

  • History of drawing. Allows you to compare past and present versions of a drawing, and see how your design has evolved.

  • xref comparison. Allows you to see all the changes that have been made to the drawing, taking into account the changed xrefs.

  • Blocks panel. Access to the panel of all created and template blocks directly from the application interface.

  • Performance improvements. Improved file save time and installation speed. New algorithms use all the processor cores as efficiently as possible to speed up the execution of processes, zooming or panning operations.

  • AutoCAD anywhere. In the new version, processes of simultaneous work with the solution on different devices are improved. So, you can start working on a desktop computer, continue on a mobile device, and complete by logging in through a browser.

  • Cloud storage. A new feature provides access to source drawing files through the Autodesk cloud service, and in addition, it has become possible to connect any other cloud storages.

  • Quick measurements. A new feature allows you to view all dimensions in a drawing by hovering over the desired face or dimension.

  • Save to the cloud or mobile device. Now you can not only view drawings from mobile devices, but also save them. After saving local versions of drawings to the cloud, they will become available on all other devices.

  • Complete documentation. Create 2D documentation and drawings with a comprehensive set of drawing, editing and annotation tools.

  • Ribbon and tabs. Access your favorite tools when you need them with AutoCAD's proprietary Ribbon, which customizes tools as needed.

  • Dynamic blocks. Add flexibility and tidiness to your block references, including changing the shape, size, or configuration.

  • PDF and DGN import/export/underlay. Share and reuse data from PDF and DGN files by importing, exporting, or attaching them as underlays.

  • Migration tool. Migrate your custom settings and files from previous releases.

  • And many other useful improvements that simplify the creation of drawings and speed up the work.

AutoCAD LT 2022 is an advanced design system (CAD) and a system for creating and processing detailed digital drawings. A rich set of tools gives engineers the ability to create project drawings and issue related working documentation. The tools available in AutoCAD LT help you effectively use all the possibilities of digital design, implement your projects in the shortest possible time, and improve the interaction and work of engineers.

In the new version, the manufacturer listened to the opinion of professional designers and added the most relevant improvements. In addition, Autodesk strives to give the user the best possible product by conducting frequent surveys and collecting analytics based on which changes are made. Thanks to some improvements, it became possible to optimize and automate part of the processes in many industries.

Features and innovations in AutoCAD LT 2022

Dark theme.

With the new theme, it will be easier for users to work in the dark, and the windows called through the context menu have become more visible and clear.

Block palette.

The main innovation concerns a redesigned algorithm for selecting the most popular and frequently used blocks from selected drawings or previously used objects.

Active tape.

When using the "Insert" command, the ribbon will list blocks that have only been used within the given drawing. Additionally, 2 more blocks have been added: used in other drawings and the last blocks.

New cleaning function.

To make it easier to clean up and organize a drawing, the cleanup functionality has been changed. Management has not received big changes, the mechanism of work has been basically redesigned. The function of changing the orientation and scale of the preview area has become more efficient.

DWG Comparison.

This function has also become more efficient. Both drawings can now be opened in edit mode and compared as you work. All changes that are made to one of the drawings will be automatically highlighted in color in two drawings at once.

Comparison of geometry.

The "quick measurement" feature has also been improved, thanks to the MEASUREGEOM option, you can quickly measure distances, angles or dimensions in 2D drawings.


Performance improvements make it even faster to install software and process files on SSD drives.

Cloud technologies.

The new version supports collaboration modes and storage of source files on cloud servers. In addition to standard methods, files can be saved to third-party cloud servers such as Dropbox, Box, etc.


Developers have not bypassed the improvement of display and interaction with various graphics adapters. Improved support for DirectX 9.0, high-end 4K monitors, and multi-display configurations. Added settings for automatic display optimization.

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B. B. – Vierden, DE

I've been using Autodesk Revit 2022 for the past few months and I have to say that it has been a game-changer for my design work. When you find such a good price you think "It is too good to be true". So you wait for the axe to fall but it didn't. The software is very powerful and user-friendly, and it has saved me a lot of time and money.


I recently purchased the Autodesk AutoCAD deal from proCADeng and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The software is easy to use and has all of the features I need for my design work. The customer service was also excellent - I had a question about installation and the team at procadeng.com was quick to respond and help me out. I would definitely recommend this deal to anyone in need of AutoCAD software.

Joseph C. – , CA

I am emailing to thank the team of this online software store for their professionalism. You put the interest of your clients ahead and this is the strongest point of your store. Thanks a lot! I know I have made a right choice with your store!

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