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AutoCAD LT 2019
Price: $379.95 Available: 50+

Current version supports:


Windows Mac


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AutoCAD LT 2019 Download

Autodesk AutoCAD LT is the "light" version of the world-famous AutoCAD design and engineering software suite. It is intended to be used for traditional 2D drafting and lacks the capabilities to work with 3D models or 3D printing but, aside from being called an "AutoCAD light", it is a full suite of CAD software. Here at procadeng.com, you can purchase this software with discounts up to 75%, which, given the already low AutoCAD LT 2019 price, is a very good bargain.

Some of the features in this product:

  • A full set of 2D commands allows you to create drafts, modify them and produce working documentation for projects.

  • The program works with files in DWG format; thanks to this project files can be easily transferred to other specialized software suites. In addition, you can customize the user interface of the program to fit your needs.

  • Due to the low price, AutoCAD LT is an effective product for performing work for which the use of full-featured AutoCAD and its applications would be too expensive.

New features of AutoCAD LT 2019 include:

  • Dynamic maps.

  • Communication of the project with the real world is established by the library of coordinate systems, which introduces dynamic maps directly into the workspace of AutoCAD.

  • Built-in news feed about the project.

  • Tools for sharing information through social networks provide opportunities for more productive collaboration of all stakeholders.

  • File tabs in CAD for 2D drawing are a quick and intuitive way to go from one open draft to another, as well as create new ones and open additional drawings.

  • Associative arrays. Establish and maintain relationships between elements of an array to save time significantly.

  • Auto-complete when entering commands. Access to AutoCAD commands has become more efficient thanks to auto-completion capabilities.

  • Transitions between objects. The new tool allows you to create splines smoothly connecting two curves.

  • Remove duplicate objects. Cleaning the drawings is done by automatic removal of redundant geometry.

  • New option to manage layers. In the context menu of the Layer Properties Manager, there is a new option that allows you to freeze the layer on all viewports, except for the current one.

  • Publish in Adobe PDF format. AutoCAD LT has the ability to publish drawings in Adobe PDF format. Now there is no need to use third-party products to convert files from DWG to PDF.

  • Express tools for working with layers. A set of tools based on the utility "AutoCAD Express Tools" was added, allowing you to work with layers more quickly and efficiently.

  • The ProCADeng software store allows you to choose a license that fits your purpose best and download 2019 AutoCAD LT. The classic option to purchase the program forever still exists, however, it is being phased out. Yearly subscriptions in which you have to pay for periods of using AutoCAD LT are now the basis of Autodesk policy. What is better? It depends on your company’s size and the type of work you need to be done.

    Timothy Burwell – Lelystad, AU

    I've been using Autodesk Revit 22 for a few months now, and I have to say that it has made a huge difference in my work. I found the software by fantastic price on procadeng.com and decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did - the price was great and the software was delivered quickly and without any issues.

    Josef V. – Montfoort, NL

    AutoCAD LT is perfect for those who wanna draw in 2D and learn new tricks to improve their skills in graphic design or any other niche that requires precise drawing. So far autoCAD LT is by far the best tool for 2D drawing and despite the fact that I waited around 4 hours to receive the download link, once I got it, the installation lasted less than 15 min.

    Cody H. – , CA

    My chief gave me a task to buy Autodesk AutoCAD Inventor. I was at loss when I started surfing the net, looking for a good proposition. You surprised me by your offer to pay for the software and download it immediately. This is an ideal method to buy software. I don't overpay and receive what I want almost at once.

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