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AutoCAD Plant 3D 2022
Price: $999.95 Available: 50+

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Purchase Plant 3D Toolset for AutoCAD 2022 with huge discount!

AutoCAD Plant 3D 2022 is a plant, piping, and instrumentation design software that helps professionals maintain productivity, achieve high quality, and produce coordinated designs. The product is based on the well-known AutoCAD platform, to which specialized tools have been added for engineers involved in the design of technological objects in industrial enterprises.

Experience in AutoCAD guarantees high productivity from the first second. There is no lengthy training required to get started with the AutoCAD Plant 3D toolkit. You will immediately feel how convenient it is to create drawings, specifications and other documentation in a normal working environment.

Opportunities of AutoCAD Plant 3D 2022

Technological schemes of pipelines and instrumentation (P&ID)

By combining different types of components (such as hardware, fittings, and instrumentation) and lines (such as pipelines or signal lines), the AutoCAD Plant 3D toolset allows you to create dynamic P&ID drawings that generate different data reports.

  • Project database. P&ID technology schemes are the link between graphics and databases. When placing a pipeline line, equipment symbol, or fixture in the AutoCAD Plant 3D toolset graphic area, a row of data with the parameters of the created object is entered into the current drawing project database.

  • Registration of schemes. Each component and each P&ID line is assigned a layer name, color, scaling factor, ID assignment behavior, and other properties that are configured within the project and allow you not to assign properties each time a component or line is placed in a drawing.

  • Standards. AutoCAD Plant 3D toolset has both built-in foreign standards and ensures the execution of drawings of technological schemes in accordance with the standards of ESKD and SPDS.

  • Working together. AutoCAD Plant3D toolset allows you to create a single network project for parallel work in the technological scheme of several specialists. To do this, a large technological scheme is conventionally divided into several DWG drawings, interconnected by interconnections. How many drawings the scheme is divided into - how many users can work in parallel in the network project.

  • Automatic check of schemes. The AutoCAD Plant 3D toolkit automatically checks the flow chart for a conflict of flow directions, the presence of a free hardware fitting, the absence of termination symbols in the pipeline line, and so on. At the end of the test, a complete list of errors found in the diagram is issued. This allows you to quickly find and correct errors in the technological scheme, thereby improving the quality of design.

Creating a three-dimensional model of an industrial facility

In the AutoCAD Plant 3D toolkit, three-dimensional pipelines are created in full accordance with the developed technological scheme. The program displays a list of P&ID lines in a separate dialog box, and the designer must specify which three-dimensional pipeline he is creating. In this case, all data of the pipeline from the design database P & ID are automatically recorded in the design database of the three-dimensional model. The engineer specifies the route, and the system automatically fills it with three-dimensional piping elements from the appropriate mini-catalog (pipes, taps, tees, etc.).

  • Tracing of pipes. AutoCAD Plant 3D toolset provides the ability to automatically trace pipes between specified elements of the three-dimensional model. There are several options for tracing to choose from and they are browsed and the most appropriate option is selected.

  • Armature. To place the fittings, select the required latch and specify the place on the pipe where you want to cut it. There are several ways to choose a latch: from the P&ID line list, from minicatalogues, or from the toolbar.

  • Supports to pipelines. The AutoCAD Plant 3D toolset contains a large number of templates for parametric 3D models of pipe supports. You can use ready-made support templates, edit them, and create your own supports based on AutoCAD objects.

  • Composition of steel structures. In the tool set there is a possibility of creation and placement of parametric elements of a metalwork, such as: platforms, railings, ladders, plates, the base. You can also use external links to add building structures created with Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Advance Steel, and other applications to the project.

  • Equipment. You can create hardware from a standard set of parametric 3D objects using ready-made hardware templates or downloading models from AutoCAD or Autodesk Inventor.

Issue of working documentation

One of the main goals of the project is to obtain project documentation, such as various orthogonal and isometric drawings, information and specifications.

  • Orthogonal drawings. Different types (plans, facades, sections, etc.) for orthogonal drawings are created automatically according to the selected elements of the 3D model, which must be included in the drawing, and are designed using tools for working drawings.

  • Isometric drawings. Isometric drawings are created automatically according to the selected lines, after adjusting the output parameters. Mounting isometric drawings are created with automatic affixing of all sizes and remote elements, which frees the designer from time-consuming and routine work.

  • Specifications. The AutoCAD Plant 3D toolset uses the Report Generator tool to create parts lists, material information, and specifications based on P&ID data or drawings. Reports can be standard or customized to the standards you need.

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