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Revit 2022
Price: $759.95 Available: 50+

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Buy Autodesk Revit 2022 to start using the best versions for efficient work and interaction of project teams.

Autodesk Revit 2022 is a software product designed to make the best building design tool. Ideal for engineers in the construction industry. Revit is based on BIM modeling - information modeling that allows users to more easily and accurately design different building models. This software allows you to design a variety of structures, buildings, as well as engineering and infrastructure systems.

What's new in the updated version of Autodesk Revit 2022?


Many of the features introduced in Revit 2022 make it easier and more intuitive to create information that reflects the design intent. Revit 2022 helps you do your core work with graphics management features, work in a more modern, immersive 3D environment, and communicate better.


The improved performance of Revit 2022 software will help you analyze and make informed decisions about your design more efficiently.


New features in Revit 2022 enhance teamwork by helping connect data and project teams throughout the project lifecycle.

New Features in Revit 2022

There are many new features, many of which have been requested for a long time and let's take a closer look at them.

Concept design

Improved integration with FormIt, a conceptual design solution. The geometry used in both applications has become more uniform, making it easier to work with both Revit and FormIt models.

Create photorealistic renderings with RPC 2.0 objects

With the help of RPC families, you create photorealistic elements of landscaping: landscaping elements, people, cars and more without 3D modeling. Revit 2022 now supports the new RPC 2.0 file format, which features sophisticated high-resolution geometries, physical materials and lighting, and more intelligent ways to manage object parameters.

Generative Design

Generative design functions allow you to quickly make informed design decisions. It allows you to calculate and analyze different design solutions based on objectives, relevant rules and regulations, input data.

Analysis and calculation of traffic routes

New analysis tools allow architects to automate, visualize, and analyze traffic routes within the BIM model to understand the impact of physical distancing. That is, the ability to create a grid of people and place people with a radius of "social distance", as well as to analyze the movement of flows, taking into account the location of people.

Conical walls

It is now possible to create conical wall elements and display only the inner layers of the walls. You can create walls with variable layer thickness and adjust the slope of the wall on both sides.

Marking of stained glass imposts

Now the category of stained glass imposts can be marked. To do this, you can use stamps in several categories and create separate stamps for stained glass imposts by editing existing stamps and tasks in the Stained Glass Impostage Stamps category.

Slopes on ramps and ramps

Placing annotations of slopes at points directly on the ramp elements improves model documentation. Restrictions that prevent the placement of slope annotations at points directly on the ramp elements have been removed. Slopes at points can now be placed directly on ramp elements, including a specific point on the face or edge of the element.

Editing the reinforcing rod in the set

After creating reinforcement by area or trajectory, you can edit (move, rotate or delete) individual rods manually. This avoids conflicts with other reinforcing bars, slots or other elements, while maintaining the logic of the set or system of reinforcing bars.

Placement of reinforcing bars at two points

The new method of reinforcement laying increases the ease of use of Revit and productivity in the modeling of reinforced concrete parts, both cast and prefabricated. Now you can place rebar rods with accurate dimensions, aligned on any model object in the project, in just 2 mouse clicks.

Using the actual diameter of the reinforcing rod

In Revit 2022 it is possible to model a core, using their real diameters that allows to avoid collisions in the concrete elements containing many rods of big diameter. This new feature increases the efficiency of modeling precision concrete reinforcement.

Form code for a reinforcing rod of any shape

Curved free-form reinforcing bars can be assigned so-called "shape codes" in order to distinguish between rods that will be bent on the construction site and those that will be bent at the factory. This allows you to create accurate instructions for bending valves and get accurate work schedules for production.

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