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Revit 2019
Price: $669.95 Available: 50+

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What is Revit Software?

The Revit software is a BIM system for architects, designed to facilitate the creation of building drafts and calculation of structural strength. It is often used in conjunction with AutoCAD; Revit and AutoCAD are the two standard components in most architectural and engineering suites from Autodesk. Among the software for BIM, Revit is one of the most widely used. Revit 2019 is the latest version of the Autodesk Revit architectural software.

What are the new features in the Revit program?

  1. Connection with Civil 3D for topography import was introduced. This feature will be improved further in future versions. In fact, we have a new process for creating topography in Revit.

  2. New start page, more convenient for working with BIM 360 and storage files.

  3. Improved work in perspective views, it has become easier to work with them.

  4. Fixed work with modelling hatching. Previously, it was impossible to align or turn after painting the end of the wall. Now, this feature has been added.

  5. Added the ability to correctly import double hatching and easily combine hatch and fill.

  6. Freeform rebar can now be distributed along the trajectory.

  7. Cuts can now be precisely positioned. Snap to cuts is now fully functional. In addition, they can now be aligned with the ALIGN command.

  8. A few more dialogue boxes can now be stretched.

The application has an improved model for the analysis of load-bearing structures. The user can change a number of parameters of visibility of categories of the selected analytical model. This allows you to display the widgets of the local coordinate system on the supporting analytical elements of a particular type.

The selected local coordinate system for the columns in the application is consistent with the coordinate system for beams or diagonals. It is possible to coordinate the loads and the boundary conditions with the main coordinate axes, which take into account the direction of the main local system and change its position as it changes.

Thanks to the analytical model of Revit structures with support for BIM technology, design of supporting structures is available to users. The use of physical models provided by Revit is supported by relevant documentation and allows working with related analytical models for the calculation and preparation of projects of supporting structures.

The analytical model, which is a simplified three-dimensional engineering description of the physical model, includes all the elements of the selected supporting structure: geometry, material properties, loads, etc. Modelling takes place automatically with the ability to export the created components to an application for further analysis and design.

The application can perform energy calculations for each element of building structures using detailed Revit models. It is possible to automatically create analytical models of energy consumption directly from the components of Revit and submit them to analysis.

How much is Revit software?

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