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AutoCAD 2023
Price: $999.95 Available: 50+

Current version supports:


Windows Mac


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Buy and download the latest release of Autodesk AutoCAD from the 100% legitimate software reseller! Explore the best 2D and 3D CAD program to draw, develop, and automate designs anywhere, at any time. AutoCAD's pricing, new features, and more are fully described on this page. Purchase the 2023 release now and utilize included toolkits like 3D mapping, MEP, Architecture, Mechanical, and more!

What is Autodesk AutoCAD 2023?

AutoCAD is a form of CAD software focused on drawing and modeling in 2D and 3D. It enables the development of all kinds of structures and models by providing tools for constructing and altering geometric models with practically endless potential. Because of its versatility, Autodesk AutoCAD has expanded beyond its typical application in the domains of engineering and architecture to include graphic and interior design. At the moment, AutoCAD offers a wide range of specialized auxiliary tools that cover all industrial disciplines linked to two-dimensional design and three-dimensional modeling.

AutoCAD is available for Windows and Mac operating systems, and it can be used as a standalone application or in conjunction with other Autodesk software such as Revit and Inventor.

How Does AutoCAD 2023 Work?

Although bitmap graphics can also be input, AutoCAD works in layers with vector images, which immediately brings to mind applications in the mold of Photoshop or Illustrator. However, its complete interface is created for the construction of plans and structures:

  • Graphic area (users create their designs here);

  • Options ribbon (this is where designers can list the most frequent commands/actions in their office setting);

  • Toolboxes;

  • A drop-down menu;

  • Status bar (it contains information in vector form regarding grid control buttons, coordinates, orthometric mode, etc.);

  • Command prompt (it's used to communicate with the software through instructions to get computations or data that AutoCAD automatically gathers and that Autodesk may require).

AutoCAD has its own native file type called DWG, which retains all of the information about the original file's drawings, geometry, and pictures. AutoCAD's vectorial system enables export to various graphic design tools like Adobe Illustrator, or Corel Draw in addition to the common DWG format.

Key Features

My Insights
My Insights' useful recommendations and features will help you complete your jobs faster.

Markup Assist and Markup Import
Import comments from paper or PDFs and instantly incorporate modifications without changing your current drawing.

Use the COUNT command to automatically count blocks or geometric shapes.

Floating Windows
Display the same AutoCAD instance's drawing windows side by side or across numerous displays.

To see or change your artwork remotely, send a controlled copy to your teammates and coworkers.

Drawing History
To see how your work has changed, compare earlier and more recent iterations of a drawing.

Push to Autodesk Docs
Send your CAD design sheets to Autodesk Docs as PDFs directly from AutoCAD.

Blocks palette
On your PC or using the AutoCAD online app, rapidly view and access your blocks from AutoCAD.

Anytime, anyplace AutoCAD
Use the AutoCAD online application or AutoCAD mobile application to design, edit, and view CAD drawings using a browser.

What’s Included?

Autodesk AutoCAD 2023 provides access to industry-specific tools.

AutoCAD Architecture

You have all the tools you need to accomplish your projects more quickly and expand your project pipeline with the Architecture 2023 toolset. With time-saving tools and job automation, you may increase the efficiency of architectural design and draw by more than 60%. Access the collection of 8,500+ architectural elements, create floor layouts, elevations, sections, and ceiling grids automatically, and place doors, windows, and walls quickly using real-world buildings.

AutoCAD Electrical

Electrical design elements that assist you in creating, modifying, and documenting electrical control systems can increase productivity by 90%+. Users can utilize a database of more than 65,000 clever electrical symbols and automatically generate component tags and wire numbers. In addition, multiple customizable reports can be automatically generated and updated.

The Electrical toolset continues to include the JIC and older IEC symbol libraries for legacy compatibility in addition to supporting the most recent electrical standards. Also, you can define the I/O assignments for a project and automatically create PLC drawings from a database, spreadsheet, or comma-delimited text file. Finally, the SQL catalog database saves users’ time. The information from your AutoCAD Electrical drawings, including the specifics from the catalog database, will be immediately incorporated into the report when you build a Bill of Materials in Autodesk Vault.

AutoCAD Mechanical

Create precise drawings that adhere to BSI, ISO, ANSI, JIS, CSN, DIN, and GB standards. Add a component or feature to a content library by using the Content Manager to create and store custom content. Use commands to automate operations and streamline your job in mechanical engineering. Gain additional control over part references, associative balloons, part lists, and BOMs. Increase drawing productivity and efficiency with reusable detailing tools like Hole Charts, Centerline, AMSHIDE, and Scale Area for Viewports.

AutoCAD MEP 2023

An industry-specific MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) toolkit simplifies HVAC and building system design. The MEP toolkit allows you to:

  • improve your workflow with domain-specific ribbons and individual palettes;

  • access more than 10,500 clever MEP items in the Autodesk collection;

  • update schedules, papers, and drawings automatically whenever there are changes.

AutoCAD Map 3D 2023

To simplify map planning, design, and management, use this model-based GIS mapping tool. Work with spatial data that comes in a range of coordinate systems and CAD data formats. Streamline the data transfer between ArcGIS and Map 3D and maintain the accuracy of the feature information. Convert data with excellent accuracy by utilizing MapImport and MapExport.

AutoCAD Plant 3D 2023

Using tools designed specifically for the industry, create and update P&IDs and 3D models and draw isometric and orthographic pipe diagrams for plant design. The Plant 3D toolkit allows users to:

  • create isometric pipe drawings automatically right from the 3D model;

  • create a secure cloud-based environment for shared data;

  • expedite and automate P&ID drawing and 3D modeling with in-context instructions.

Standard symbol libraries are included in the tool palettes of the Plant 3D toolset. PIP, ISA, ISO/DIN, and JIS are a few of them.

What’s New in Autodesk AutoCAD 2023?

Video (quick overview)

Autodesk AutoCAD's new features in the 2023 release include:

Sheet Set Manager for Web

Whether you're using AutoCAD desktop or the AutoCAD online program, this release's Sheet Set Manager for Web gives you quick access to creating a sheet set in Autodesk Docs.

The Sheet Set Manager for Web also has the following significant enhancements:

  • design upload to a cloud sheet set;

  • sheet numeration and renaming;

  • an option for automatic sheet numbering on fresh sheets;

  • control of the support files.

A new SSMDETECTMODE system variable is added. Select the Sheet Set Manager that is shown when accessing DST files stored in the cloud.

Performance Analyzer

Two new commands are added:

1) PERFANALYZER: This command launches the Performance Analyzer palette, which enables you to identify any AutoCAD tasks that appear sluggish or unresponsive.

2) PERFANALYZERCLOSE: This command shuts down the Performance Analyzer palette.

AI Autodesk Assistant

In AutoCAD Help, a new AI-guided helper is accessible. The Autodesk Assistant provides alternatives for AI-guided self-service and support contact from within the application. Find answers to product-related queries, talk to a product support person in a two-way chat, or submit a support case.

Note: The Autodesk Assistant is only accessible to users of English AutoCAD at this time and is still in development.

Markup Import and Markup Assist

Text callouts and revision clouds may be placed more quickly and with less human work with the aid of the MARKUPASSIST command, which analyzes imported markup. The MARKUPIMPORT command inserts a marked-up drawing (image or pdf) as a new trace in your DWG.

The new MARKUPASSISTMODE system parameter determines whether markups that have been discovered are highlighted. When a digital markup is active or not, it is indicated by the MARKUPPAPERDISPLAY property. When a digital markup is active, the setting MARKUPPAPERTRANSPARENCY regulates the degree of transparency.


Now, it’s possible to switch the active trace into edit mode to add to the trace and turn the active trace into view mode to alter the parent drawing.

My Insights: Macro Advisor

A command macro is a set of instructions and system variables that let you automate actions you do regularly in AutoCAD. Based on your specific command use, AutoCAD delivers macro insights. View, experiment, and store proposed command macros using the Command Macros palette.

Floating Drawing

Among the enhancements are the following:

  • The active drawing window now has an anchored command window.

  • A floating command prompt stays in place.

  • When drawing windows overlap, the active drawing window takes precedence.

  • A drawing window can be pinned to a specific position. The primary AutoCAD program window is kept open by a pinned drawing window.

2D Graphics

Enhanced zoom and pan performance in 2D Wireframe drawings with multiple TrueType characters, lengthy polylines, or solid hatches have been included. When opening several drawings in DirectX 12 mode, the GPU memory utilization has been improved. DirectX 9 support has been removed.

3D Graphics

This edition contains a new multiplatform 3D graphics engine that takes full advantage of the capabilities of contemporary GPUs and multi-core CPUs to provide a smooth navigation experience for even bigger works. Such enhancements as Xref dimming, TrueType font support for Mac OS, locked layer dimming, and line weights are added.

The following functionalities are not yet supported by the current graphics system:

  • Clouds of points

  • Materials

  • Geolocation (maps)

  • Enormous coordinates (maps)

  • Individualization of visual aesthetics

Additionally, model space is constrained. A viewport still makes use of the current graphics system in paper space.
Fresh system parameters include FASTSHADEDMODE. It indicates whether or not to use the new multiplatform 3D graphics technology.


The new CUTBASE command removes chosen items from the drawing and copies them to the Clipboard together with a specified base point.

Drawings and Layouts

The drawing and layout tabs have been updated to make it simpler to determine whether the drawing or layout is active. On the drawing tab overflow menu, the changes also make it simpler to tell which drawing is active.


The MLEADER command now allows you to choose an existing mtext object to serve as the new leader.

Extend Vertex

This new grip option extends a new vertex from the chosen end grip into your polyline. The polyline's direction no longer needs to be reversed.


Now, users can count how many times an object or a certain number of blocks appear in a certain space.

New commands include:

  • COUNTAREA - Define the region where instances of an object or block are to be counted.

  • Close the count selection box using the command COUNTAREACLOSE.

  • SELECTCOUNT - Add all items matching the attributes of the selected objects that are present in the current count to the selection set.

With updated and new AutoCAD features, users can:

  • Accelerate 2D or 3D designs. AutoCAD automation and modifications will help finish the tasks faster.

  • Work together across teams and devices, share and annotate drawings across desktop, online, and mobile devices in a safe and secure manner.

  • Check for integrity and compatibility. Only Autodesk offers TrustedDWG® technology to assure integrity and compatibility for your DWGs.

Video: AutoCAD 2023 | New Features & Updates

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