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Chief Architect Premier X8
Price: $539.95 Available: 50+

Current version supports:


Windows Mac


English English

Chief Architect Premier X8 is narrowly optimized software for architects for building houses and managing construction processes. The software is an alternative to Autodesk products, being not as popular due to poorer features included and limited capabilities in comparison to Autodesk product family. Let us review the key updated features of Chief Architect Premier X8 and try to estimate whether the application can be a valid alternatives to Autodesk solutions.

What is new in Chief Architect Premier X8?

The Chief Architect Premier X8 release is the latest version having got user driven improvements. Among the new features there are:

Advanced shadowing option allowing to switch on shadows on various sections to see how other parts of the construction will get shadowed to estimate lighting effect and shadows for overhanging elements of the construction. The software is now able to estimate the location of a constructed building according to the sun.

Lively layouts presented in real world colors are now possible. The major problem of all development architect engineering products is the coloring of constructed objects. The Chief Architect Premier X8 allows to use real life colors and to see how a constructed building will look like in reality. You can apply live colors as to a part of a project so to an entire building in the project.

Advanced editing of building configurations allow now to edit back, front, cabinets separately and independently. This means that if you make changes to a certain side, then other parts of the construction will remain unchanged. With this improvement of Chief Architect Premier X8 you will be able to change walls, floors, ceilings, panels or doors according to the requirements of the project or to see whether a new idea is applicable to the entire project or not. This option also allows changing materials, surfacing, colors of a certain part of an element, thus enabling you to bring in individual changes to the interior of a planned building.

Thumbnail design and editing allows to display the small icons in columns, to preview them and to change or edit if an image is hard to see.

Detailed displaying of parts of interior allows to correctly setting the smallest parts you are planning for interior design. You can set railings, stairs, tread overhang and other parts of interior in the highest details.

Chief Architect Premier X8 is not an alternative to any of Autodesk products as it features all the same options and tools available in Autodesk. The software is for simplified interior design with few useful options which are not worth investments.

Ramiro D. – , US

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Vinicius A. – St Jerome, CA

I recently switched to AutoCAD 23 for my design work and I'm loving it. The software is very powerful and has a lot of advanced features that make my job easier. I found the Autodesk AutoCAD deal on proCADeng and decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did - the price was great and the software was delivered quickly and without any issues.

Josef V. – Montfoort, NL

AutoCAD LT is perfect for those who wanna draw in 2D and learn new tricks to improve their skills in graphic design or any other niche that requires precise drawing. So far autoCAD LT is by far the best tool for 2D drawing and despite the fact that I waited around 4 hours to receive the download link, once I got it, the installation lasted less than 15 min.