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Revit 2018
Price: $639.95 Available: 50+

Current version supports:




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BIM software for building design and construction

Revit® BIM software delivers tools for architectural design, MEP engineering, structural engineering, and construction, and enables coordination between disciplines.

Coordination models

Use a Navisworks file as a lightweight context to work with others on your project.

Schedule groups and Revit links

To better understand and quantify your project, create schedules of links and groups in the model.

Global Parameters

Embed design intent with project-wide parameters that now work with radial and diameter dimensions and equality constraints.

Multi-story stairs

Quickly create and modify multi-story buildings by connecting stairs to the levels in your project.


You now have more control when creating railings. Includes hosting railings on topography, automatic adjustment to stairs, and post placement.

MEP Fabrication modeling

Revit lets you model sloped pipe, part by part, and use multipoint routing for fabrication elements.

MEP design and analysis

Manipulate the circuit pathways, define your own space types, and include outdoor air requirements.

Mechanical simulation

Flow and pressure-drop data is now connected to the pump, and to the computation processes in the background.

Rebar for complex geometry

Place rebar in free-form concrete objects. Reinforce imported concrete elements with improved varying rebar distribution.

Rebar graphical constraints in 3D

Complete model definitions faster by editing rebar logic in 3D views with in-canvas graphical manipulation.

Additional steel connections

More than 100 new connections. Now you can create connections for custom, user-defined families.

Collaboration for Revit

Cloud worksharing service now installs with Revit. New sync with central window displays progress of the operation.

Global parameters

Embed design intent with project wide parameters.

Improved software performance

Model more efficiently with faster software.

Family Visibility Preview

Create a family with the desired behavior.

Modernized text layout and editing

Improve documentation with tools for increased control.

More flexible Annotation Tags

Create a tag with a calculation.

BIM interoperability

Work with data in multiple formats, including IFC4.

Bidirectional associativity

Changes made anywhere update everywhere in the model.

Parametric components

Graphical system for design and form-making.


Multiple contributors use a model and save work centrally.


Create a tabular display of model information.

Dynamo graphical programming interface

Work in a visual programming environment.

Revit Server

Collaborate on shared models across a WAN.

Autodesk Exchange add-in applications

Extend Revit functionality.

Combine Parameters

Display parameter values in a single cell.

Depth Cueing

Add depth to elevations and sections.

Improved Railing Placement

Model a rail to represent what will be built.

Conceptual design tools

Sketch and create free-form models.

FormIt 360 Converter

Share data between Autodesk FormIt 360 and Revit.

3D design visualization

Explore, validate, and communicate designs.

Work in perspective

Adjust views with edit, target, and toggle tools.

Autodesk Raytracer Rendering Engine

Render faster and more accurately.

Point cloud tools

Connect laser scans directly into the BIM process.

Site planning tools

Convey building site concepts.

Autodesk Insight 360

Optimize building performance outcomes.

Reinforcement connectors

Rebar connectors increase details for model representations.

Graphical Rebar Constraints Manager

Control rebar placement with in-canvas tools.

Bent sheets reinforcement

Sketch bent sheets.

Variable rebar distribution

Fit rebar for non-standard or complex shapes.

Structural connectivity

Connect design and detailing workflows.

Column Split

Split vertical columns.

Improved structual foundations

Attach structural columns to isolated foundations and footing.

New steel profiles catalogs

Extended content offering within Revit.

Autodesk Steel Connections for Revit

Complete design intent with standard connections.

Reinforcement Detailing

Model 3D concrete reinforcement in BIM. 

Bidirectional links, multiple analysis packages

Analysis results automatically update model.

Structural analytical model

Conduct structural analysis.

Linking with steel detailing

Seamless BIM workflow from steel design to fabrication.

Fabrication Part Modeling improvements

In-canvas rotation tool and Insert Part command.

Fabrication Service conversion

Convert design to fabrication.

Fabrication documentation

Document, schedule and tag the fabrication model.

Fabrication hanger improvements

Model detailed support plans.

Fabrication Layout improvements

Automate services layout using the new Route and Fill tool.

Design tool enhancements

Better communicate model engineering data.

Fabrication detailing

Create fabrication-ready models inside Revit.

HVAC design and documentation

Create duct and pipe systems to express design intent.

Electrical design and documentation

Communicate electrical system design intent visually.

Plumbing design and documentation

Design, model and document plumbing systems.

Collaboration with architects and structural engineers

Tools support enhanced productivity for piping design.

Construction modeling

Derive greater construction insight from design models.

Construction coordination

Cloud-connected office-to-field workflows.

Construction fabrication for structural engineering

Structural design to fabrication.

Construction fabrication for MEP engineering

MEP design to fabrication.

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