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3ds Max 2018
Price: $589.95 Available: 50+

Current version supports:




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3D modeling and rendering tools

Produce professional-quality 3D animations, renders, and models with 3ds Max® software. An efficient toolset helps you create better 3D content in less time.

Motion Paths

Manipulate animations directly in the viewport and get direct feedback when making adjustments in your scene.

Arnold 5 for 3ds Max

Version 1.0 of the MAXtoA plug-in is now integrated into 3ds Max, giving you access to Arnold's latest features.

Smart asset packaging

Create, share, and update portable assets that are flexible, connected, and react to changes in design data.

Customizable workspaces

Match your UI to the way you think and work with a more responsive, modern, and customizable user experience.


View MAX files using Forge Viewer in a web browser to review and share assets.

Data Channel Modifier

Extract information directly from a model, which you can use to help inform other types of modifications.

Blended Box Map

Morph visible seams by blending as many as six materials applied to an object.

Animation productivity (enhanced)

Get a more responsive animation process.

Text tool (enhanced)

Add data-driven information to your scenes.

Geodesic Voxel and Heatmap skinning

Create better skin weighting more quickly.

Max Creation Graph animation controllers

Create procedural animations with 3 new controllers.

Camera Sequencer

Tell great stories with high-quality animation.

Dual Quaternion skinning

Create better skinned characters in less time.

Populate crowd animation

Generate believable human motion.

Populate enhancements

Create more convincing crowds.

Character animation and rigging tools

Create believable characters with realistic motion.

General animation tools

Work with keyframe, Dopesheet, and procedural tools.

Animated deformers

Add life to creatures and simulate fluidic effects.

Fast form hard surfaces

Quickly create hard surface forms

UV mapping (enhanced)

Up to 10x faster UV navigation and editing 

Object tool (enhanced)

Easy to access tools for object work

OpenSubdiv support

Create complex topology more quickly. 

Enhanced ShaderFX

Create and exchange advanced shaders more easily.

Point cloud support

Create models from point cloud data.


Intuitively create advanced HLSL shaders.

Placement tools

Easily position and orient content.

Quad chamfer

Create a chamfer between quad surfaces.

Mesh and surface modeling

Efficiently create parametric and organic objects.

Texture assignment and editing

Explore an advanced texturing toolset.

Shading and material design

Quickly design and edit shading hierarchies. 

Vector map support

Load vector graphics as texture maps.

Polygon, spline, and NURBS-based modeling

Use spline and 2D modeling tools.

Text and shape map

Create decals and text-based graphics using 2D objects.

Autodesk Raytracer Renderer (ART)

Create accurate images of architectural scenes.

A360 rendering support

Render in the cloud right from within 3ds Max.

Physical Camera

Developed with the makers of V-Ray.

Support for new Iray and mental ray enhancements

Rendering photorealistic images is now easier.

Improved ActiveShade rendering

Iterate quickly with interactive rendering.

Accelerated viewport performance

Interact more fluidly with your scene.

Stereo Camera

Create engaging 3D content.

Integrated rendering options

Achieve stunning image quality with NVIDIA Iray.

Render pass system

Segment scenes for downstream compositing.

Nitrous accelerated graphics core

Nitrous accelerates workflows, data-set handling.

Slate Compositing Editor

Wire together composites in Slate.

Particle Flow effects

Create sophisticated particle simulations.

MassFX dynamic simulation solvers

Create simulations with unified simulation solvers.

Hair and fur effects

Create strand-derived effects like hair and grass.

Exposure lighting simulation and analysis

Simulate and analyze sun, sky, and artificial light.

Simple simulation data import

Animate simulation data in CFD, .CSV, or OpenVDB formats.

Asset Library

Quickly access all your 3D content 

High DPI display support

Run 3ds Max on modern HDPI monitors and laptops.

Improved pipeline tools integration

Get an extended and improved Python/.NET toolset.

Scene converter

Seamlessly move from one renderer to another.

Game exporter

Easily transfer data into game engines.

Live link

Connect 3ds Max and the Stingray engine.

Better support for Stingray shaders

Gain better support for physically based shaders.

Integrated Creative Market 3D content store

Quickly search an online market of 3D assets.

Max Creation Graph (enhanced)

Use shapes and splines, and import simulation data.

XRef renovations

New support for nondestructive animation worfklows.

Scene Explorer and Layer Manager (enhanced)

Work with complex scenes more easily.

Design Workspace

Easily discover the main features of 3ds Max.

Easier Revit and SketchUp workflows

Import data from Revit up to 10 times faster.

Template system

New startup configurations speed scene creation. 

Alembic support

View massive data sets in the Nitrous viewport.

Autodesk Translation Framework

Exchange data with SolidWorks, other file formats.

Multitouch support

Enjoy more freedom when interacting with 3D content.

Small user-requested features (SURFs)

Small feature requests from the  User Voice forum.

Enhanced scene management

New nested layers in Scene Explorers.

Configurable user interface

Access multiple views with tabbed layouts.

Flexible camera matching

Place CG elements into photo backgrounds.

Data transfer and pipeline integration

Get single-step data transfer with 3ds Max.

Compositing integration

Choose from compositing options in 3ds Max.

Collaborative workflows with Containers

Use containers to override object properties.

Comprehensive 3ds Max SDK

Extend and customize 3ds Max with the SDK.

Python scripting

Employ the Python scripting language.

Civil View feature set

Turn civil design geometry into precise 3D design.

AutoCAD and Revit interoperability

Import Revit files directly into 3ds Max.

DirectConnect support

Exchange industrial design data with engineers.

One-click Print Studio access

Launch Print Studio directly from 3ds Max.

Nils Hasti – Musselburgh, AU

All I can say is that I like how these guys handles my order. They offered me a download link which contained both the setup instructions and the basic software. I installed it according to the setup instructions then I managed to rub Revit 2020 without any problems. Just make sure to have free RAM because I had a little problem with that. Lucky for me their support line helped me in clarifying this problem.

Trudy T. – , US

I am a professional architect and now I work on a very serious project. Licensed and qualitative software is a must for people of my profession. Here I bought Autodesk Architecture. Now I want to confirm the fact that procadeng.com is probably the only place offering professional CAD software at beneficial price. I will recommend this store to my colleagues.

Gordon – New York, US

I recently purchased Autodesk Civil 3D from procadeng.com and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The software has a lot of advanced features that have really helped me with my civil engineering projects. One of my favorite features is the intelligent model and toolset for designing and documenting land development projects. It has saved me a lot of time and effort compared to using traditional drafting methods. Another feature that I really like is the integration with other Autodesk software, such as Revit and AutoCAD. This allows me to seamlessly share data and collaborate with my team members on projects.