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ANSYS Electronics 2021 R2
Price: $499.95 Available: 50+

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Installing and activating ANSYS Electronics 2021 R2, you receive a number of potent electromagnetic system simulation tools. Using this software, you may analyze electronic and electrical device behaviors and conduct high-precision simulations of electromagnetic systems. And with our service, getting the Ansys pack is as affordable as ever before!

What is ANSYS Electronics 2021 R2?

The ANSYS Electronics Suite is aimed at both broad and niche markets. For instance, this product has unique features in high-frequency microwave parts or high-speed chips like electric motors, relays, generators, converters, magnet design, power electronics, and MEMS.

Internal connections of integrated circuits, PCBs, microwave components, antennas, built-in chips, and eventually biomechanical devices and EMI/EMC medical equipment have various uses. The analysis of heating effects and warmth output, performance characteristics under stimulation, and visualization of electromagnetic fields around or inside devices are only a few of the numerous uses for this software in its general and conventional mode.

This package contains three pieces of software. All engineering needs are covered by ANSYS HFSS, ANSYS Simplorer, and ANSYS Maxwell, which simulate three-dimensional electromagnetic waves, low-frequency electromagnetism, sophisticated electronic power systems, and electrical control systems, respectively.

What’s new in ANSYS Electronics 2021 R2?


  • The organization of solution categories and related parameters has been improved

  • Improvements to the setup and meshing procedures for Mesh Fusion (Beta)

  • An improved low-frequency accuracy option

  • The ability to create a custom arrangement and weights for processing an antenna array

  • Performance improvement by switching the production of embedded element patterns to the solver

  • Field file processing for 3D Component Array and FA-DDM is now more effective

  • Total and system efficiency combined as antenna parameters

  • New DC point computation capability with Q3D Extractor (Beta)

  • Improvements to the capabilities and workflow of cable modeling (Beta)

  • Simulated partial discharge process and new workflow (Beta)

  • Automatic PEC cap generation for wave ports

  • Support for partial far field derivatives in mesh statistics tweaking for certain faces

  • Ports with mixed (modal and terminal) designs

HFSS 3D Layout

  • Bondwire and 3D CAD meshing for new Phi Plus HPC-enabled technology (Beta)

  • Improved automation workflow using IC-on-Package

  • Edit floating geometry definitions for 3D components in the layout filter

  • Actions on user-defined locations for mesh seeding

  • Making field plots on clipping planes possible

  • Improved rigid flex multi-zone PCB workflow


  • Improvements to the AC conduction solution and the A-Phi transient solver (Beta)

  • 3D transient with new voltage-dependent resistant boundary

  • Support for mechanical coupling using anisotropic linear elastic characteristics

  • The capacity to define various demagnetization curves at various temperatures

  • Support for user-defined skew types and V-type in 2D transient

  • Possibility to save and plot fields for skew models in 2D transient on any slice

  • Improvements to the performance and workflow of electric machine toolkits

  • Components for a wireless power transmission system have been added to the collection of 3D components.

  • Phase mutual effects are included in a new model of a reluctance motor switching circuit.

  • Possibility of choosing specific objects for loss output in 2D and 3D transitory

  • Enhanced co-simulation robustness in Simulink


  • New SI Xplorer expands stackup and through wizard features and merges it

  • AC solver support for thermolabile materials

  • Enhanced usability of HFSS simulation setup dialog box, matching 3D Layout

  • Enhanced DDR-wizard capabilities and processes (Beta)


  • A new form of structural solution (Beta)

  • Assistance with mechanical-thermal stress analysis (Beta)

  • Support for materials that rely on temperature is now available in Ansys Cloud

  • Modeling capability for heat flux excitations caused by surface heat

Q3D Extractor

  • The capacity to visualize electric fields on surfaces

  • For AC-RL solutions, new PRIME meshing

  • Increased convergence and accuracy of CG solutions


Enhancements to the Results View:

  • different result views;

  • viewing the existing outcomes while making changes to the scenario;

  • comparing outcomes from several situations;

  • saving the outcomes for later use.

Spectra of Imported Emitters:

  • configurable FFT and windowing settings can be used to import data from a CSV file that is either in the temporal or spectral domain;

  • removes narrowband components automatically;

  • assistance in enhancing the broadband spectrum;

  • overlaying raw data on the charts.

With all the improvements, ANSYS Electronics 2021 R2 is a terrific and affordable option that is ideal for independent engineers, small businesses, and those interested in system simulations. You’ll find the best offers on the ANSYS Electronics 2021 R2 suit on our website. Profit from discounts of up to 50% and top-notch support with our software reselling services!

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