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Transoft AeroTURN Pro 5
Price: $229.95 Available: 50+

Current version supports:




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The Complete CAD Software for Airside Design, Planning, and Operations
AeroTURN Pro is dynamic and intuitive software for designing airport gate layouts with docking of aircraft and passenger boarding bridges. Together with aircraft and support vehicle turn simulations makes AeroTURN Pro the top choice among airport engineer, designers, and consultants worldwide.

Technological breakthrough in gate design
New support for multiple boarding bridges and lead-in lines allow you to perform and test complex docking scenarios for maximum efficiency at each gate. Design flexible stands that can handle a wide range of different aircraft classes or large, multi-deck aircraft.

Get onboard with one solution
With no costly additional modules required, AeroTURN Pro is the one and only complete software solution for designing and planning airside expansion, upgrade, and rejuvenation projects. AeroTURN Pro includes aircraft and passenger boarding bridge libraries

Show the operational radius area for aircraft fuel pits with automatic warnings displayed when a set aircraft stop line position is located outside of the safe fuel pit location zone

Placed docking simulations are automatically updated when changes are made in the Gate Setup feature and aircraft lead-in line geometry

Automatic error reporting when a parked aircraft wingtip violates the minimum spacing requirement of a neighboring plane

Display safety clearance lines and aircraft ground service points at aircraft stand for apron design

Drag multiple aircraft along a lead-in line to a predetermined single stop line position

Generate apron safety clearance lines that account for all aircraft assigned to a specific stand

Redesigned Gate Setup interface providing context sensitive design information

Support for multiple boarding bridges and lead-in lines per gate

Display filtered list of acceptable boarding bridges for selected aircraft assigned to a gate

Draw each defined stop line along a selected lead-in line and label with specific aircraft

Carry out bridge docking operations for both rotunda to aircraft and aircraft to rotunda

Perform docking with multiple boarding bridges docked to a single aircraft

SmartBridge automatically calculates bridge slope with ‘Heads up’ onscreen view

Show passenger boarding bridge’s maximum operating limits and user-defined safety limits

Calculates maximum bridge slope, cab and rotunda rotation and bridge tunnel extension

Ability to dock the same passenger boarding bridge to multiple docking doors in a single process

Create custom passenger boarding bridges to desired specifications

Shift the docking point relationship from the aircraft door center to the passenger boarding bridge cab center to be the leading edge of the door

View suitable stop line locations where aircraft can be docked to multiple boarding bridges

Ability to override the min/max lift column values and max bridge slope for docking simulations

Perform 2D aircraft and ground vehicle forward, reverse, and oversteer turning simulations through mouse movements using SmartPath tools with three interactive drive modes

Perform aircraft simulations using maximum nosewheel or effective steering angle to evaluate aircraft apron, taxiway, and runway clearances

Create aircraft simulations with a minimum clearance from an apron element (i.e. enter ICAO guidelines for minimum wheel clearance from taxiway curves)

Oversteer option gives realistic representation of how an aircraft negotiates oversteered conditions such as when parking an aircraft along lead-in lines or defining space requirements at runway-to-taxiway intersections

Place aircraft and support vehicle simulations on arcs, polylines, complex chains, or splines

Track landing gear and wing tip paths with user defined clearances

Create pilot conical lines of sight to evaluate mirror views, blind spots or headlight paths

Engage or disengage steerable main gear (on supported aircraft) during forward maneuvers

Generate maximum effort aircraft turning simulations for airfield design checks to accommodate high angle turning or large aircraft access

Addition of towbarless pushback tractor in both front and all wheel steering configurations

Aircraft pushback and towing operations with tractor and towbar configuration

Mark the tractor centerline path for towing and the aircraft main gear centerline path for pushback

Select from a filtered list of appropriate aircraft and tractor combinations

Over 450 aircraft from major manufacturers including: Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Lockheed Martin , Learjet, Gulfstream, Northrop Grumman, BAE, Learjet, Dassualt, Antonov, McDonnell Douglas and more

Aircraft database includes 40 helicopters from key manufacturers: Bell, Boeing, AgustaWestland, MD Helicopters, Eurocopter Group

Passenger boarding bridge library from manufacturers: CIMC-TIANDA, DEW, Jetway Systems (current production and legacy), Sovam, Aldelte, TEAM, NKI Aviobridge and ThyessenKrupp

Ground support vehicles include towbar and towbarless tractors, fire and rescue, catering, and luggage trains

Ability to create aircraft, passenger boarding bridges, and ground support vehicles with custom specifications and dimensions

Display aircraft fueling and service points with operational radii

Display aircraft jet blast envelopes at idle, breakaway, and takeoff speeds to ensure adequate safety zones for ground crew operations

Show standard ground servicing arrangements around a stationary aircraft

Set tracking points on or off the aircraft for envelope creation during a turning simulation

Generate apron safety clearance lines that account for all aircraft assigned to a specific stand

View ground service point locations for electrical, waste disposal, fuel, oxygen, air and hydraulics

Produce gate reports indicating which aircraft docks at which a gate and using which door

Create apron reports with slope and directional information for gates

Create reports on lead-in line start/end coordinates at gates

Generate aircraft turn simulation reports showing aircraft speed, path lengths, and start conditions at each section of the simulation

Create gate reports of all aircraft stand positions complete with bridge model, locations of rotunda, parked cab, and stop lines with assigned parked aircraft positions

Create and display a report of aircraft or bridge docking simulations with information on bridge slopes, lift columns, rotunda elevation, and door sill heights

Gabrjel – Cantoria, US

Recently bought this product and my overall experience was pretty ok. Not perfect but ok. My activation key and full license proof arrived in 5 hours, also the installation was not very smooth, BUT, the 24/7 support line these guys have was pretty helpful and kind. I managed to install Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017 without problems once the guys stepped in. Make sure you use a Windows 10 or 8 64bits OS, and also make sure you have enough free RAM.

Trudy T. – , US

I am a professional architect and now I work on a very serious project. Licensed and qualitative software is a must for people of my profession. Here I bought Autodesk Architecture. Now I want to confirm the fact that procadeng.com is probably the only place offering professional CAD software at beneficial price. I will recommend this store to my colleagues.

Kyle M. Tate – , CA

Thank you guys for your service! Several days ago, I made a purchase in this software store and was really surprised by an excellent service. As far as I am not a professional engineer, I have some problems with installation. Support team really works professionally. Several minutes and my question was successfully solved. Thanks a lot!