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SPI SheetMetalWorks 2015
Price: $479.95 Available: < 10

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SPI SheetMetalWorks 2015 is a completely integrated into the present SolidWorks CAD program. The app enhances sheet metal unfolding, permitting to work even with complicated construction projects. The software comprises specialized libraries of components; it may be a single part or a suite of assemblies, connections or transitions. Now, it is also possible to extend libraries for adding personal components.

The application is developed for designing and manufacturing of sheet metal parts and assemblies. Users can create quick and convenient modifications. When the project is completed, an automatic 2D flat will be made from the 3D solid. Designers can automatically analyze the sheet metal parts during the unfolding calculations. Besides, engineers can make calculations of all bend allowances.

Among the main options of the app, we may figure out:

• Unfolding in accordance with DIN 6935 standards,
• Making calculations of unfolding, basing on table, formula, k-factor or TruTops normative standards,
• Punching tools library,
• Detailed log files with links to a solid model,
• Selective setting of reliefs,
• Bend marks,
• Single faces unfolding, of solids,
• SPI Component Manager is available.

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