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Robot Structural Analysis P
Price: $419.95 Available: 50+

Current version supports:




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Choosing Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2015, you will get a great app which will provide you with a set of advanced BIM-integrated analysis instruments and a number of design tools. Through the use of this app, one can understand the peculiarities of work of each structure type.

This particular edition can be an irreplaceable tool for each designer because it offers lots of opportunities. It has several analysis methods. The Direct Analysis method allows you to use DAM in order to optimize the stability design. A wide array of analysis options allows each user to check linear and non-linear behavior.

The developers also improved the boundary conditions by adding the wind load simulations. Now users can see how wind loads work in structural design. The improved auto-meshing allows users to work with complex models without extra efforts.

Through the use of this release, one can also create concrete and different steel designs. Except for this, there were also added several new structural loads and load combinations.

Composite beam design is also easier now. The procedure of optimizing designs is not so time-consuming as it was before.

There were also added several new dynamic solvers. They help users work with the structures of different sizes.

Collaboration between the members of one team and reporting was also enhanced. Due to the BIM integrated workflows, users can easily exchange the results of their work with different design tools. Besides, the application supports 10 languages, allowing more and more customers to appreciate the benefits of this app. Flexible API really speeds up the output.

The app is high in functionality and has many irreplaceable options. Here, at procadeng.com, you can buy its OEM version. When you buy the OEM version of Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2015, you will get a full-featured app for cheap. In current times, millions of users prefer OEM software to branded versions. OEM doesn’t mean low-quality software. The price for OEM version doesn’t comprise the cost of advertisement, shipment or some other additional fees.

Sheldon – , CA

I think it’s great that your online store works now. Now I am not made to wait for delivery for days and sometimes weeks. Due to your service, I can become the owner of necessary software within one hour. Thank you guys!

Alex N. – , CA

AutoCAD is used from conception (conceptual design and schematics), through construction (good for construction drawings and as-built drawings), and finally to completion. AutoCAD is used by our company to create two-dimensional layouts, edit, develop 3D models, and import/export to compatible software like Revit for BIM or IES for energy modeling.

Vinicius A. – St Jerome, CA

I recently switched to AutoCAD 23 for my design work and I'm loving it. The software is very powerful and has a lot of advanced features that make my job easier. I found the Autodesk AutoCAD deal on proCADeng and decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did - the price was great and the software was delivered quickly and without any issues.