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Geometric CAMWorks 2018
Price: $429.95 Available: 50+

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Buy and Download Geometric CAMWorks 2018

What is CAMWorks?

CAMWorks is a computer-aided machining control program (CAM software) that is intended to be used with the SolidWorks industrial design suite. CAMWorks allows operating automatic machine tools through a direct link from the SolidWorks-equipped computer to the machine tool.

Is it the best CAM software?

We are in no position to judge, but CAMWorks is widely used in the world of CNC programming software.

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New Features of the CAMWorks 2018 Version

You can view the full list of new features of the 2018 version on the official site of Geometric, but here we can list a few of the key innovations.

CAMWorks is a CAM system that is designed for working directly in the environment of SolidWorks. The CAMWorks processing tree and its commands are available in the SolidWorks window, allowing you to create tool paths without leaving the CAD system and save them in the main document.

The CAMWorks system implements the concept of machining based on structural elements. CAMWorks can automatically recognize prismatic structural elements, including those with slopes on the walls. Elements that are not automatically recognized or need to be corrected can be identified in CAMWorks using a special wizard.

This newer version contains over 100 custom additions that allow the operator to manufacture parts quicker and with more ease. It also adds a great number of new processing capabilities to further enhance the existing production capabilities of CAMWorks.

Several of the main program features that were implemented in this version include:

  • Multi-process support: increase productivity through the ability of CAMWorks to create 3 to 5 axial trajectories in different flows and in different processes, which lets users continue operating at different machines or on different assemblies.

  • TechDB TM technology database serves as an intelligent processing base in CAMWorks. It comes with an initial filling consisting of virtual machine tools, a library of tools, operating modes and processing sequences for elements of each type, taking into account the boundary conditions and dimensions.

CAMWorks 2018 License Key and Activation

The SolidWorks company sells SolidWorks and CAMWorks according to an old-school system of software activation. Activation is a one-time process when you make sure that your copy of CAMWorks is legal; for this single moment, you need to connect to SolidWorks servers through the internet. Once you activate your software and the company knows of your purchase, you can use CAMWorks indefinitely.

If the computers controlling your machine tools are not meant to be connected to the Internet, you can connect them temporarily using solutions such as cell modems, or activate CAMWorks by email. This option is kept for niche users. Alternatively, you can purchase CAMWorks with hardware-based keys, or dongles, which facilitate registration in such situations as installing the software on computers with no internet connection.

There are no temporary subscription options for Geometric CAMWorks. Registration is permanent.

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