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MEP Fabrication Suite 2017
Price: $539.95 Available: 50+

Current version supports:




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Autodesk MEP Fabrication Suite 2017 is a great set of tools allowing users to generate estimates, develop more detailed models and drive MEP fabrication. This is the latest release of a set of applications that will definitely simplify your working process.

The suite comprises the following products:

• Fabrication CADmep;
• Fabrication ESTmep;
• Fabrication CAMduct.

Now, there is no need to choose which Fabrication product can comply with your demands. With these three applications, MEP detailing is really simpler.

The suite has lots of enhancement that make it an irreplaceable tool for a number of users.

Estimating Improvements

ESTmep has the ribbon user interface control with the Utility bar features located on it. The interface has the new tooltips that comprise the information about the control. The new Add-Ins Tab offers users the access to Autodesk- or third-party vendor supplied add-ins.

The developers also added the Quick Access Toolbar to ESTmep app. Now, users can easily access commands they use more often. The overriding priority of the Cost Breakdown Dialog is to show time units as they were configured.

Productivity Improvements

The new Color By option enables each user to see “percent used” categories of the model. This enhancement is available in all three constituents of this suite.

The procedure of customizing Multiple Item Properties is not so time-consuming as it was before. Now, it is possible to do it directly from the Item Properties dialog. This enhancement improves the productivity of the suite.

All users of Revit will also appreciate the option “Save MAJ File for Revit”. It allows users to save the item statuses as they were saved in the model and avoid updating (if necessary).

Usability Improvements

New Job Contents View Groupings is the most powerful enhancement, improving the usability. Users can organize the information in special groups.

The procedure of searching the Price Lists is also faster now. To locate desired entries, one should field headings.

Yet still, the developers of this release added several rectangular damper patterns. Their prime objective is to help users add dampers with no end connectors.

There were also added many hanger patterns.

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