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ElectrodeWorks 2014
Price: $229.95 Available: < 10

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ElectrodeWorks 2014 is completely integrated into SolidWorks program, which permits to create unique electrode design projects and helps conduct the process of production. The app automates all parameters of extraction, design, project management, documentation and production of EDM electrodes. This program can boast by user-friendly and easy to understand interface. EDM positioning drawings, electrode production and machining data files are made automatically due to enhanced interface functions.

Integration with SolidWorks permits to organize full compatibility of data files. Compatibility allows making design processes rapidly and effectively.

Among main features and options, it is necessary to figure out the following:

• Recognition feature for copying of an electrode,
• Calculation of burn area,
• Fast setup and burn sheet drawings,
• Sizing of an electrode in automatic mode and positioning in accordance with the selection of face,
• Functions of advanced clearance,
• Special electrode feature tree for modifications,
• Pattern gap and geometric spark,
• EDM technology definition and output.

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