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Solidworks 2014 Premium
Price: $419.95 Available: 50+

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Though Solidworks 2014 Premium is not the latest release of a well-known cross-functional CAD application for solid modeling, it is still popular among professional engineers. Dassault Systems managed to develop a great and powerful tool which is used by millions of engineers all over the globe.

This release is endowed with a wide array of great and indispensable tools that speed up the working process without compromising on quality of the developed product.

This release has undergone several important changes that influence the app functionality. Sketch Scaling option allows all users to create a shape and type in a value for the dimension. This time-saving feature assumes the relative proportions of shapes.

The developers added a lasso selection tool in this release. Its overriding priority is to help users draw any shape around different entities. Besides, it allows designers to choose anything within the boundary.

The Path Length dimension Locker is one more enhancement which must be mentioned. Using it, the procedure of working with paths will be easier. Now, one can make paths move like pieces of rope, maintaining the length. This tool helps hold the length constant.

Some users will definitely appreciate all benefits of the option, enabling users to flip planes. This feature simplifies the procedure of importing a sketch into a model.

Through the use of this release, designers can easily rescale sketch images. To do this, one should insert an image and draw the line which will represent a key dimension.

The basic premise of the Style Splines tool (which is also added to this release) is to create vertex points that change the spline.

The new Corner Relief tool allows users to implement several corner styles. With the help of the Lofted Blends, designers can easily pick different transitions on the fly.

The popup menu was also enhanced. The developers added several new options to it. For instance, now users can click on the graphic area and after that can choose the configuration they want. Through the use of Exploded-View rotation, one can check how parts turn.

As you see, Solidworks 2014 Premium has lots of enhancements and useful options. This is a powerful tool for the productive work of designers. Here, at procadeng.com, you can purchase the OEM version of this product with a good discount. We offer for sale lots of software solutions from world-known companies.

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